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My Most Memorable Travel Moments of 2015

I am incredibly late to this party (Note: I was already late to the party when I wrote this article but I got so busy I lost it and now it is April!!) but I still wanted to do it because 2015 was my biggest year in terms of travel. I visited 8 different countries and about 20 different cities. For a girl who traveled abroad for her first time in Dec 2012, not to bad. My dream has alwaysโ€ฆ

Solo Travel Can Be Intimidating But Worth It

I recently took my first solo trip which was also my first backpacking trip. I set off for nine days in Spain (Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid) staying in hostels. This trip was a personal goal for myself. I always admired other girls and women for doing it, and thought what is stopping me? The same thing that stops a lot of others. Will I be safe? Will I get bored? Will I meet anyone? There were so many questions inโ€ฆ