villa adriana hadrians villa

Villa Adriana (Hadrian’s Villa) [Tivoli, Italy]

Villa Adriana, or in English known as Hadrian's Villa, was the Roman Emperor Hadrian's retreat from Rome until he moved there permanently in AD 128. It was subsequently occupied by a few successors but fell into a state of disrepair during the 4th century (decline of the Roman Empire). The site was used for building materials, and valuables were taken. Cardinal Ippolito II d'Este (remember him from Villa d'Este?) had many of the remaining statues and marble were taken for his villa.…

Raglan Castle Wales

Welsh Castles

This will be a picture heavy, text light post. I recently took a two-day trip to Wales to see some castles. Wales is a beautiful place with what I think is an interesting history. These Welsh castles are remnants of days past, each one telling a different story of a moment in time. The first four castles were from this trip, and the final one, Conwy Castle, I went to in December but never wrote about, and well, it just fits…